Pastor Richard Peoples Sr.

Senior Pastor

Bishop Richard B. Peoples, Sr., a man after God’s own heart, is the founder and Senior Pastor of Faith Outreach Church which operates on two campuses within the Augusta Georgia area. He is also the visionary behind Richard B. Peoples, Sr. Ministries, Inc., where he serves as the overseer to multiple covenant churches throughout the United States and in South Korea. Bishop Peoples was consecrated into the Overcoming Churches of God – Faith Temple, Inc. College of Bishops and received his doctorate from St. Thomas Christian College in April 2005. Bishop Peoples believes in the power and safety of covenant and submission and is therefore submitted under the leadership of Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Jr., Pastor of World Changers Church International College Park, Georgia.

Under the leadership of Bishop Peoples, Faith Outreach Church is a beacon of support providing resources for the community members’ spiritual and natural needs. Bishop Peoples is motivated by a solid understanding of “strength in unity”; he looks for opportunities to stand alongside other pastors and community leaders with the unified goal of meeting the needs of people. He has a passionate heart to serve others and prioritizes every opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ openly and outwardly.

Bishop Richard B. Peoples, Sr. has a genuine love for God and people, which is naturally demonstrated as he teaches God’s Word. He has a knack for explaining the Word of God with simplicity while showcasing the compelling ability the Word has to create a powerful impact and draw others closer to God. Bishop Peoples shares his gift freely and has the same passion with one heart as he has with one thousand. God has anointed him to proclaim the Word of God in all areas, especially as it relates to faith, both domestically and internationally.

Bishop Peoples, a native of Slocomb, Alabama, is an accomplished writer with works such as The Victorious Life of Faith, First Priorities, My Peace Will Be Undisturbed, and Where Has Honor Gone in Marriage? (which he penned with his wife and childhood sweetheart Dr. Janice E. Peoples). His latest work is The Expected End of Vision.

Bishop Peoples is honored to have his wife of more than forty years, Dr. Janice Peoples, at his side as together they serve God. This dynamic couple has three children and eight grandchildren.

Pastor Janice Peoples


Dr. Janice Peoples, a native of Dothan, Alabama, is a woman of divine wisdom and insight. She faithfully serves alongside her husband, Bishop Richard B. Peoples, Sr. as Pastors of Faith Outreach Church and as the Vice-President of Richard B. Peoples, Sr. Ministries, Inc. both headquartered in Hephzibah, Georgia.

Although much of her time is dedicated to ministering to women, one group cannot contain Dr. Janice’s passion. She has an intense desire to see all people walk in the liberty and power of God. Her spirit of discernment enables her to speak in a manner that empowers individuals to know the love of God within themselves. Dr. Peoples has an honest, no-nonsense approach to ministry that captivates the hearts of listeners and challenges them to change. She has the heart of a mother and the fire of a warrior.

Dr. Janice Peoples has traveled around the world sharing God’s Word. In 2005 she received her Doctorate of Divinity from St. Thomas Christian College. Her gift has placed her before great heroes of faith, and yet, her favorite place remains at His feet.

Dr. Janice Peoples and her husband, Bishop Richard B. Peoples, Sr. are high school sweethearts and have been married for more than 40 years. This powerful couple has three children and eight grandchildren.