Faith Outreach Church: Freedom (Book of Galatians)

Faith Outreach Church: Freedom (Book of Galatians)

On March 6, 2014, Pastor Peoples continued his series at Faith Outreach Church on how Jesus has made us free from bondage. However, God didn’t liberate us to take matters in our own hands. Pastor Peoples also explained how we should trust God, even when it seems like the promises of God seem delayed. When God promises certain things in our lives, we should believe that it will be done.

Faith Outreach Church: Foundational Scriptures

Galatians 5:1 supports the fact that everyone should courageously stand fast during troublesome times because we are free from bondage. Pastor Peoples further explained that since we are set free, we should trust God instead of going back to doing sinful actions before we were saved. Hebrews 8:11-13 supports the fact that God does not remember when we miss the mark because we are under His new covenant.

Faith Outreach Church: Stand Fast in God’s True Grace

Faith Outreach Church in Augusta describes how we should see the situations we face everyday as being greater than what it seems to be. To do so, we must trust God instead of trusting our own abilities. There are Augusta residents who view situations negatively and thereby become limited in their actions. However, we should focus on what we don’t see instead of what we can see. In every church in Augusta, there are people who are trying to “save themselves” by following laws, rules and regulations. Instead, we should accept the truth that Jesus has freed us and live our life through God’s grace.

Looking for a Church in Augusta?

At Faith Outreach Church, we believe that everyone should experience the freedom God has made for us. Instead of living life by religious laws, we should live life through the truth and grace of God. Let us show you what God wants you to have for your life. Come visit Faith Outreach Church – a church in Augusta who cares for you!


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