Faith Outreach Church: Compassion in Action

Faith Outreach Church: Compassion in Action

On February 16, 2014, Faith Outreach Church explained how compassion is about relationships, people, caring and sharing. It’s not about taking the advantage but it’s supposed to empower others and meet the needs of others. Some people think compassion is a sign of weakness. However, expressing compassion to others will reveal the true character of the person within. Pastor Peoples also explained why having compassion takes the attention off of us and places it on the ones who need it more.

Faith Outreach Church Weekly Foundational Scripture

Matthew 9:35-36 supports the fact that we should see things with our natural eyes as well as our spirit. 1 John 3:16-17 gives further proof that we should love and have compassion towards others. Pastor Peoples further explained how compassion is intertwined with the heart and should be displayed by the way you live your life.

Love Isn’t Love without an Action of Sacrifice

Faith Outreach Church in Augusta describes how we should be looking to be a blessing for someone. There are Augusta residents who feel that they live in a compassion-less world. However, compassion felt never leaves a person the way they found them. In every church in Augusta, there are people who think compassion is simply a hand-out instead of a hand-up. However, it’s a deep yearning that responds to the need of other people. It’s deeper than sympathy because it does something in return.

Looking for a Church in Augusta?

We believe at Faith Outreach Church, that love is the basis of all kingdom activity. The second biggest decision you can ever make, besides accepting God as your savior, is to renew your mind. Let us show you how much God loves you. Come visit Faith Outreach Church – a church in Augusta who cares for you!


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