Pastor Richard Peoples Sr

Pastor Richard Peoples Sr

Bishop R. Peoples Sr.A native of Slocomb, Alabama, Bishop Richard B. Peoples, Sr. is the founder and pastor of Faith Outreach Church and Richard B. Peoples, Sr. Ministries headquartered in Hephzibah, Georgia. Pastor Richard Peoples Sr. was consecrated into the Overcoming Churches of God-Faith Temple, Inc. College of Bishops and received his doctorate from St. Thomas Christian College on April 16, 2005.

A thirty-six-year old man, who was a husband and father, knelt by his couch on Fort Patrick Henry Base military housing located in Heidelburg, Germany, and prayed to God regarding a vision for the future. “You will pastor a church in Augusta, Georgia,” he heard. Seeds of faith were planted and are now bearing fruit in the form of 30 acres of property, four municipal buildings, relevant ministries for every age group, a state-of-the-art daycare, weekly attendance of more than 1,000 adults and children, and plans to build one of the largest sanctuaries in the area for worship.

The church erected its first meeting in a garage with 10 people. Shortly after, their was a transition to a hotel building and held services with 50 people weekly. From an elementary school to its own property in October of 1996, the church slowly but surely blossomed. In April of the following year, the attendance goal of 500 was shattered when 650 people attended the week’s services. An educational building was added in 1997 and a daycare in 1998 with a full children’s playground but ever growing crowds made it necessary for yet another worship center. By 1999, two more services were added to accommodate more people hungry for the word of God. In Phase III, an auditorium was complete, a new teen building and food and clothing shelter for the local community.Attendance record was set the following year when over 1200 people attended weekend after weekend. Some eleven years later, Faith Outreach Church continues to thrive as it has from its very inception. The church works hand in hand with three other facets of ministry – Richard B. Peoples Sr. Ministries and Faith Outreach Church– each with its own emphasis for reaching thousands of people every year locally, as well as around the world. Faith Outreach Church also has numerous outlets, such as Children’s Church, and we Believe, to meet the needs of this generation.

The vision for Faith Outreach Church continues to flourish under the anointing of God and the leadership of Bishop Peoples. From its inception in the Peoples’ home garage, Faith Outreach Church has undergone many transitional phases. A new sanctuary was erected on over 30 acres of undeveloped land moving services from the Willis Foreman Elementary School gymnasium, into the Family Life Center Worship services to currently being held in the new Faith Dome. Bishop Peoples is under the leadership of Dr. Creflo A. Dollar, Jr., pastor of World Changers Church International, located in Atlanta, GA. and New York, New York.

He currently serves as Presiding Bishop overseeing Faith Outreach Church and over ten covenant churches throughout the country. The vision for Faith Outreach Church was given to Bishop Peoples during his career as a First Sergeant in the United States Army’s Regimental Signal Corps. After 23 years of dedicated military service and administrating (as pastor) several churches throughout the United States and abroad, Bishop Peoples entered into full-time ministry. Since that time, the growth of Faith Outreach Church, a non-denominational, multi-racial ministry, has been phenomenal.

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